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“We love, we care, we educate.”

Our Pet Store was officially established in 2011 at Muara Karang, Jakarta. Pet Republic has always been inspired to contribute our passion on keeping animals as a positive and challenging activity.

Our main expertise is dogs. We are also experienced in cats, hamster, birds, as well as reptiles. Throughout the years, we have expanded our field of expertise in small mammals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and are now currently taking interest into Chinchillas. To encourage our support in animals, Pet Republic has been a member and actively involved in the pet association communities such as Perkin (Dogs Community), ICA (Cats), KPSGI (Sugar Gliders), ARBA (Rabbit), and many others.

Other services include PET GROOMING & PET HOTEL.

Understanding your pet healthy needs by providing suitable options of Grooming Services.

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To learn, pursue and share wider and deeper knowledge about animals as pet with and for all peoples who has heart, passion and love for a pet. “We Love, We Care, We Educate”. We are happy to help and share our experiences.


Expand and connect pet communities with information, knowledge and our experiences.

Create and share useful information and guidelines for animal lovers to understand more on the needs for their pets.

Introducing user-friendly and safer online shopping and online services through our web shop and smartphone application.

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