“We take our work very seriously, and we enjoy doing it.”
Grooming is important ! It’s vital that you teach your dog to tolerate grooming as early as possible (puppy) . If they learns early that grooming is part of their life , they will be more corporative as an adult.
1. We are understand completely what your beloved pet needs, and how they should look and how the want to feel.
2. We offer different type of products and treatment for various pets which coming to us such as type coat requirement short, wary, or long as they require different needs.
3.We are pet’s lover which with our love, we will help your beloved one to learn and enjoy their grooming process as journey to live clean, healthy and looking her gleaming best.
Advance booking and regular appointment are most welcome.
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Safe and Comfortable
Each boarding pet will have their own private cage, we provide secure and comfortable needs such as blanket, feeding tools, etc. Owners are welcome to bring their pet’s favorite toys, treats, or other things to make them feel home

Play Time and Exercise
We will play and exercise your pet everyday for a minimum of 30 minutes (for dogs ands cat)

Regular Check
We check your pet everyday at least twice a day

We provide grooming services to facilitate our boarder at their best condition. Get promotional grooming price

Pet Taxi
We provide pick-up and delivery for your pet

Online CCTV
Check out your beloved pet through our CCTV online network

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