Fortan Dicalciumphosphat 150gr

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 High biological effeciency.

Adequate supply of calcium-phosphorus ( ratio 1,3 : 1)

Calcium and phophorus.
FORTAN Dicalcium phosphate is a specially formulated mineral feed with calcium and phosphorus designed to optimise the care of bones and teeth.
FORTAN Dicalcium phosphate ensures consistent calcium and phosphorus concentrations in the bloodstream, which prevents bone substance being broken down.
In the care of pregnant dogs and just after birth during milk production, and as puppies and young dogs develop, additional quantities of calcium and phosphorus cater for their increased requirements.  
FORTAN Dicalcium phosphate converts crude phosphorus to food phosphorus with a high efficiency.
The regular feeding  FORTAN Dicalcium phosphate ensures a constant level of calcium and phosphorus in the pet's blood. The calcium-phosphorus ratio of about 1,3:1 prevents the breakdown of bone cells.
Puppies, growing, breeding and lactating dogs require a higher level of calcium and phosphorus in their blood.These requirements can only be compensated by additional feed. Daily feed of FORTAN Dicalcium phosphate with the pet's food is therefore essential.
Feeding Cafortan with vitamin D3 , at the same time, optimises calcium and phosphorus resorption.
FORTAN Dicalciumphosphat is a single-ingredient dog food.

Average analysis:
Calcium 29%, phosphorus 22%, chloride 0,09%.

Feeding instructions:
by self-made rations of pet food and ready-made pet foods, which do not contain minimum 1,2 % calcium and 1,0 % phosphorus.
3 to 4 months old      1,00 g per kg body weight
5 to 12 months old    0,50 g per kg body weight
from one year            0,35 g per kg body weight
from 7th year             0,50 g per kg body weight
pregnant/lactating bitches      1,50 g per kg body weight
Dissolve in little cold water (for dry food only) and add to pet's food.
1 level teaspoon FORTAN Dicalcium phosphate = ca. 3,5 g.

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