PetsOwn Milk For Puppy 1lt

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Pet's own puppy milk is the best solution for fast growing puppy.

-All lactose has been removed to ensure optimum digestibility

- Vegetable oil with a high linoleic acid content. Dogs are not able to synthesize their own linoleic acid so it must be supplied in the diet to improved skin condition and luster of coat

- Milk protein is highly bio-available compared with meat protein.

- A selection of minerals has been added to boost possible dietary inadequacies.

- Methionine is added because it is regarded as the most limiting amino acid in most dog foods and also being an essential amino acid, 

Pets Own Milk is based on cow's milk with the lactose removed. Lactose is the component in milk that dogs cannot digest(1) and which consequently gives the stomach pains and diarrhea, which in turn can lead to poor absorption of ingested nutrients.


Whole milk, vegetable oil, non fat milk solids, emulsifier, vegetable gums, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, lactase enzyme.


Protein >3.3%, fat >5%, fibre <.1%, salt <.07%.

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Feeding Guideline:
Regular or daily feeding of puppy milk to your pet can be done in conjuction with other food intake. The amount of puppy milk fed at each sitting will vary depending on the size of the breed. Once your puppy or young dog has reached maturity, the continuing benefits supplied through puppy milk can be maintained by teh introduction of pets own milk which has been formulated for fully grown dogs.

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