Acana Pacifica Dog 13 Kg ( INI LAMA )

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<h1>Acana Pacifica Dog</h1> <table width="100%"> <tbody> <tr> <td valign="top" width="25%"> <p>Acana Pacifica is a nutritionally balanced dog food suitable for all breeds and ages. The recipe is 100% grain-free, ideal for hypersensitive dogs and those suffering with allergies, and combines a unique and delicious blend of Canadian Pacific salmon (30%), herring, flounder and whitefish. Also rich in vitamins and minerals derived from the assortment of fresh, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. Acana Pacifica is a perfectly tailored recipe that is high in protein and low in carbohydrate, ideal as a balanced, daily diet for any dog.<br /><em>Acana Pacifica adalah makanan anjing dengan nutrisi seimbang yang cocok untuk semua ras dan usia anjing. Resep nya 100% bebas bulir gandum, sesuai untuk anjing yang hipersensitif dan yang menderita alergi, menggabungkan campuran yang lezat dari daging salmon dari pasifik Canada (30%), herring, flounder dan whitefish. Juga kaya akan vitamin dan mineral yang berasal dari paduan sayur dan buah segar lokal. Acana Pacifica adalah resep paduan yang sempurna yang kaya protein dan rendah karbohidrat. Cocok sebagai diet seimbang bagi anjing apapun.<br /></em></p> <p></p> <p>INGREDIENTS:<strong><br /> </strong></p> <p>Boneless salmon, salmon meal, herring meal, whitefish meal*, green peas, red lentils, boneless herring, boneless flounder, herring oil, field beans, canola oil, sun-cured alfalfa, pea fibre, natural fish flavour, whole apples, whole pears, pumpkin, butternut squash, parsnips, carrots, spinach greens, cranberries, blueberries, kelp, chicory root, juniper berries, angelica root, marigold flowers, sweet fennel, peppermint leaf, lavender, rosemary</p> <p>*<strong>ACANA</strong>’s whitefish meal contains wild-caughtcod, pollock, sole, flounder and halibut.</p> <p><em><strong>BAHAN DASAR:</strong></em></p> <strong><em>Salmon tanpa tulang, salmon meal, herring meal, whitefish meal*, kacang polong, lentil merah, herring tanpa tulang, flunder tanpa tulang, minyak herring, kacang- kacangan, minyak canola, alfalfa kering, serat kacang, perasa ikan alami, apel utuh, pir utuh, labu, butternut squash, ketela, wortel, bayam,cranberry, blueberry, kelp, akar chicory, beri jintan, akar angelica, bunga marigold, adas manis, daun peppermint, lavender, rosemary. <br /></em></strong> <p></p> <br /><br /> <p><strong>GUARANTEED ANALYSIS:</strong></p> <table border="1"> <tbody> <tr class="odd"> <td>Crude protein (min.)</td> <td class="second-column">33%</td> </tr> <tr class="even"> <td>Crude fat (min.)</td> <td class="second-column">17%</td> </tr> <tr class="odd"> <td>Crude fiber (max.)</td> <td class="second-column">5%</td> </tr> <tr class="even"> <td>Moisture (max.)</td> <td class="second-column">10%</td> </tr> <tr class="odd"> <td>Calcium (min.)</td> <td class="second-column">1.5 %</td> </tr> <tr class="even"> <td>Phosphorus (min.)</td> <td class="second-column">1.2%</td> </tr> <tr class="odd"> <td>Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio</td> <td class="second-column">1.3:1</td> </tr> <tr class="even"> <td>Omega-6 (min.)</td> <td class="second-column">2.5%</td> </tr> <tr> <td><abbr title="Linoleic acid">LA</abbr>(min.)</td> <td class="second-column">1.6%</td> </tr> <tr class="odd"> <td>Omega 3 (min.)</td> <td class="second-column">2.0%</td> </tr> <tr> <td><abbr title="Eicosapentaenoic acid">EPA</abbr>(min.)</td> <td class="second-column">0.5%</td> </tr> <tr> <td><abbr title="Docosahexaenoic acid">DHA</abbr>(min.)</td> <td class="second-column">0.7%</td> </tr> <tr class="even"> <td>Omega 6:Omega 3 ratio</td> <td class="second-column">1.25:1</td> </tr> <tr class="odd"> <td>Glucosamine (min.)</td> <td class="second-column">700 mg/kg</td> </tr> <tr class="even"> <td>Chondroitin sulfate (min.)</td> <td class="second-column">900 mg/kg</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p></p> <h2>Feeding Guidelines</h2> <table> <thead> <tr> <th>Weight of Dog</th> <th></th> <th>Active</th> <th>Less Active</th> </tr> <tr> <th>kg</th> <th>lbs</th> <th>Grams per Day</th> <th>Grams per Day</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr> <td style="text-align: center;">5kg</td> <td style="text-align: center;">11lb</td> <td style="text-align: center;">90g</td> <td style="text-align: center;">60g</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="text-align: center;">10kg</td> <td style="text-align: center;">22lb</td> <td style="text-align: center;">160g</td> <td style="text-align: center;">120g</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="text-align: center;">20kg</td> <td style="text-align: center;">44lb</td> <td style="text-align: center;">280g</td> <td style="text-align: center;">180g</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="text-align: center;">30kg</td> <td style="text-align: center;">66lb</td> <td style="text-align: center;">390g</td> <td style="text-align: center;">240g</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="text-align: center;">40kg</td> <td style="text-align: center;">88lb</td> <td style="text-align: center;">480g</td> <td style="text-align: center;">320g</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="text-align: center;">50kg</td> <td style="text-align: center;">110lb</td> <td style="text-align: center;">560g</td> <td style="text-align: center;">360g</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="text-align: center;">60kg</td> <td style="text-align: center;">132lb</td> <td style="text-align: center;">640g</td> <td style="text-align: center;">420g</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p><em>† Use a standard 8 oz. measuring cup. Serve dry or lightly moistened. See your veterinarian regularly. To help maintain freshness, we recommend sealing the bag tightly and storing it in a cool, dry location.</em></p> <p>ACANA is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the <abbr title="American Association of Feed Control Officials">AAFCO</abbr> Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.</p> <p></p>

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