Advance Perki Lac 227gr For Cat

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* Nutrition for mother and kitten
* Feeding to pregnant cats adds nutrition for over overall health and improved lactation
* Also can be used as a rewarding milk treat and to enhance flavor of pet's meal
* Coat conditioning from blended oils
* Made in the USA

Advance Perki-Lac Powdered Milk Replacer for Cats and Kittens is a nutritional source for both mother and kitten. Made with the latest advances in formulation and technology, Perki-Lac provides full, correct balance of essential nutrients for kittens from birth to 35 days old.

Makes feeding quick, easy and fun! Mix with water for a rewarding milk treat, or later when the kitten is eating solid foods, sprinkle on top for added flavor. Feeding to pregnant cats adds nutrition for overall health and improved lactation. Great coat conditioner. Use for convalescing or underweight cats.

Contains min 30% crude protein, min 40% crude fat, max 0.5% crude fiber, max 5% moisture, max 8% ash, min 0.75%/max 1.25% calcium, min 0.85% phosphorus, min 5,000 IU/kg vitamin A, min 1,500 IU/kg vitamin D3 and min 50 IU/kg vitamin E.

Directions: Newborns – Mix 1 Tbsp powder with 2 Tbsp water. Unused portion can be refrigerated for no more than 24 hours; discard after 24 hours. Intended for supplemental or intermittent feeding only. When possible, kitten should nurse from mother a minimum of 2 days after birth. Small breed kittens should be fed every 3-4 hours; large breed kittens every 6-8 hours. Feed 2 Tbsp (1 oz) liquid formula per 4 oz body weight daily. Daily feeding amount should be divided evenly among feedings.

As a treat – Mix with water and feed in bowl or pour onto dry pet food to make a nutritious gravy. Mix 1 Tbsp powder to 2 Tbsp water. Feed 1-1/2 oz mixed liquid per 15 lbs body weight up to twice daily.

Show cats – Perki-Lac features special blended oils for coat conditioning. Top-dress 1 Tbsp powder per 15 lbs body weight up to twice daily.

Pregnant and lactating mothers – Mix powder into daily food ration at rate of 2 tsp per 5 lbs body weight until 2 weeks after whelping.

As a flavor enhancer – Sprinkle powder over food to enhance flavor.

Made in the USA.

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