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<p>Advocate for Dogs</p>
<p>Advocate for Dogs 100 is for 4-10kg dogs and is a treatment for fleas and their larvae, roundworm, hookworm, heartworm and ear mites.</p>
<p>It also treats lungworm, whipworm, biting lice, sarcoptes and demodex.</p>
<p>Advocate for dogs is supplied in packs of 3 or 6 single use pipettes.</p>
<p>This is a prescription item and will be sent once a valid prescription is received.</p>
<p>Full instructions for using Advocate for dogs included.</p>
<p>Advocate for dogs contains two active substances, imidacloprid and moxidectin.</p>
<p>Advocate is available as a spot-on solution and comes in different strengths and pack sizes, depending on the size of the animal being treated. The medicine can only be obtained with a prescription. Advocate is applied from pre-filled pipettes. These are small plastic droppers, available in different sizes depending on the size of the animal, which are filled with the correct amount of Advocate for one treatment. The content of a full pipette is applied onto the animal’s skin, after parting the fur. Advocate for dogs is applied between the shoulder blades at the bottom of the dog’s head, but for large dogs (above 25 kg) the product should be applied in 3 or 4 spots along the dog’s back, whilst it is standing, from between its shoulder blades to the base of its tail.</p>
<p>How does Advocate for dogs work?</p>
<p>Imidacloprid interferes with certain specific receptors (nicotinergic acetylcholine receptors) in the nervous systems of lice and fleas, which results in their subsequent paralysis and death.</p>
<p>Moxidectin causes paralysis and death of nematodes and heartworms by interfering with the way signals are passed betwe</p>