Bayticol 6% 10ML

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Controls ticks on cattle, dogs and horses of all ages.

Controls feather mite and ticks on ostriches.

Controls Northern Fowl mite on poultry.

Sterilizes female ticks.

Controls stable flies.

For the control and elimination of actoparasites on dogs such as ticks, fleas, mites and lices.

The Bayticol 6% E.C. is effective for killing all parasites at all stages.

In addition, it prevents laying of engorge ticks.

This product is safe for using on pregnant, lactating and debilitated animals as well as puppies.

Plunge dip tank: 1 L Bayticol per 500 L water fresh fill and replenishment
Spray race: 1 L Bayticol per 400 L water.
Poultry spray: 1 L per 400 l water.
Ostrich Hand dressing and Spray: 1 L per 500 L water.
Hand Wash Dogs and Horses: 1 L per 500 L water.