Bioline Dental Hygiene Orange Flavour

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Bioline Dog Dental Care Set Tooth Brush & Paste 100g. With Orange

Bioline Dog Dental Care Set Tooth Brush & Paste 100g. With Mint is the ultimate all in one oral care solution. It maintain hygiene with your dog. In fact, it is not really easy to brush your dog’s teeth daily but it is necessary to get rid of the bad breath on a regular basis from your pet. So, you can confidently use this combo which is easy to use just rub it on the pet’s gums. Likewwise, this toothpaste consists of ingredients like silver and bacteria killer. Tooth brushing is an important step in maintaining the oral health of your pet.

Bioline Dog Dental Care Set Tooth Brush & Paste 100g. With Mint is an easy tool to help maintain healthy teeth and gums in dogs of all ages. It is designed with easy grip handle, ultra-soft bristles and dishwasher safe. Super Dog Nano Silver Tooth Brush with Tooth paste, is a scientifically-formulated consists of all vital ingredients which is clinically proven to reduce plaque that harbors bacteria. Also it is considered as uniquely designed dental kits for sensitive teeth and gums. Hence, it is available for both large and small dogs.

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  • Makes Teeth White and Stronger.
  • Prevent Tooth Decay.
  • Protects Gums inflammation.
  • Prevent Pyorrhea.
  • Cleans teeth and freshens breath.
  • Helps to remove tooth debris.