Bioline Pet Milk Bottle Set 6pcs

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Bioline Pet Milk Bottle Set 6pcs
Material : 
Bottle Body : PE
Nipple : Silica Gel 
Thread: PP
Brush Hair : PP
Details :
1 bottle 60ml 
nipple 5pcs
bottle brush 1 pcs
Application : 
Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Chinchillas, Mink .etc
Usage Method:
Heat the needle , drill a hole in the nipple, pull the needle out when it is cool.
Make a cross cut with a razor. Then test the water flew.
Gently squeeze the nipple until the water drips steadily or at wire flow condition.
Attention :
1) When a pet is sick , please use separate nipple, to avoid cross infection.
2) Before and after using this product , please wash the bottle and nipple with warm water thoroughly.
3) Please do not use the product for other purpose except feeding pets.