Crown Royale Biovite #3 60ml

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<h2 class="subtitle">Product Description</h2> <div class="ProductDescriptionContainer prodAccordionContent"> <p>Crown Royale Biovite Formula 3 Shampoo is designed to give thick, full-bodied texture to the coat. Amazingly high lathering and fortified with Biotin/Panthenol vitamin and Allantoin. Deep cleans and conditions both coat and skin, revitalizes damaged hair and retards shedding. For extra texture on your dog's furnishings, Crown Royale recommends to use Crown Royale Bodifier.</p> <ul> <li>Safe to use on dogs and cats</li> <li>Gives desired textures to the coat immediately</li> <li>Made in the USA</li> </ul> </div>