FORTAN Ohrpflege 50ml

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Cleans and cares ears using gentle substances, stimulates the ears' self-cleaning mechanisms while, at the same time, deodorizing the auricle and the external acoustic canal.

Removes dirt and earwax in the ear.

Regular cleaning and care provides effective protection against dirt in the ears and the accompanying irritations such is itching and excessive rubbing of the ears.

Once a week, apply 1-3 pipettes of lukewarm FORTAN Ear Care to the lower auricle, gently massage and carefully wipe out using cotton wool.
Ingredients: Alcohol, propylene glycol, etheric oils, cetylalcohol, allantoin, glycerine, aqua.

Please, do not clean your dog's ears with q-tips, in order to prevent the inner ear from being injured

Ear care for dogs and cats

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