REPTIZOO UVB 10 - 26Watt

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REPTI-ZOO UVB lamp uses UVB powder and technology imported from Japan to produce high-quality beneficial ray emitting glass bulbs and spiral tubes.

The wavelength is stable between 290nm-310nm.

The excellent ventilation design is provided in the medium wave UVB sunburn spectrum.

Main functions of UVB lamp: Promotes the production of Vitamin D3 and promotes calcium absorption.

Vitamin D3 is an important component of calcium metabolism in reptile pets. Vitamin D3 production and calcium absorption combine, resulting in healthy skeletal tissue.

Generally, UVB 2.0, 5.0 and 10.0 refer to the percentage of 2%, 5% and 10% UVB.

Usage: UVB 10.0 is applicable to reptiles living in tropical desert zone, such as: Uromastyx, leopard tortoise, Sulcata tortoise. It is suggested to match UVB light output with the specific needs of the reptile or amphibian It is suitable to Pogona viticeps, Uromastyx , Sulcata Tortoise, Radiated tortoise, Leopard tortoise, Sulcata tortoise and other tortoises plus Frilled lizard, Tegu and various desert reptiles.

UVB (10%) Induces the activation of vitamin D3 that combines with calcium powder to promote the transformation of calcium in bone and blood (calcium absorption); UVA (33%) Improves appetite, promotes animal’s activity to induce mating behavior.

Effective range is 30-50cm (12-18") - It is recommended to be combined with UVB5

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